Sabr (The Virtues of Sabr) – Mufti Menk Lecture

23 Jun

As-salaam alaykum,

I leave you with a wonderful lecture from Mufti Menk, about being patient, practicing restraint, and so on.

“Seek assistance through sabr…”

And Allah knows best.

2 Responses to “Sabr (The Virtues of Sabr) – Mufti Menk Lecture”

  1. The Tica Muslimah July 1, 2013 at 12:00 am #

    Of course, we should fill the internet with beneficial knowledge, and not the erroneous and incorrect information there is out there. Thank you for the comment, (had to use Google Translate to understand though)


  1. badan - June 28, 2013


    Di dunia ini sangat banyak manfaat yang tidak diketahui oleh masyarakat, terima kasih telah memberi kita ilmu tambahan di tulisan di atas.

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