Please Don’t Blame The Muslim/Arab Population even our Hearts are with Boston

16 Apr


U know what gets me? When a Tragedy unfolds in this GREAT Country that is the United States of America, people wanna jump the gun & blame it on Muslims or Arabs. 1st of all, My Hearts & Prayers go out to the Families  & Loved ones whom were affected by this tragedy greatly. I happen to have Friends who LOVE  running marathons that maybe they cannot do this type of thing anymore. I mean , 1st instinct by the Media which is mostly Fox is to blame on Muslims/Arabs bcuz it’s based out of their own Fear we know that Terrorisim is Terrible.  I wished that Racisim & Hate would kindly stop now some members of our own community wanna freak out bcuz they are being Backlashed. Just Remember Islam is Perfect while We Muslims are not I know with all this grief and sadness u wanna blame someone…

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